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Tamas Mechanical Inc. BBB Business Review

HVAC Contractor – Mississauga: Air Quality

When it comes to ensuring that you’re breathing high-quality air with low levels of contaminants, the following equipment can come in handy.


Do you find the air in your home a bit too dry? Are you constantly battling a dry throat, chapped lips and dry skin? Then you need a humidifier to add some much needed moisture to the air.


Just like humidifiers add moisture to the air in your home, de-humidifiers remove excess moisture. Why would you need something like this? Well, too much humidity in the air can make breathing a bit of a chore, but more importantly, creates ideal breeding grounds for mold and mildew.


Short for Heat Recovery Ventilator, this handy piece of equipment is your home's best friend. It makes the air in your home cleaner, healthier and more comfortable by removing the stale air and introducing fresh air instead.

New houses built since 1977 were built airtight, that means more energy savings, but also more stale air, that can increase CO2 levels in your house, which could lead to health problems in the long run, like asthma, allergies, or even cardiovascular conditions. 

Air Cleaners

As the name implies, air cleaners are designed to filter impurities out of the air coming into your home. These impurities include smoke, fungal spores, VOCs and other gases.


Want to ensure that the air inside your home is kept at a constant, comfortable heat level? Then you need a thermostat.

You can control temperatures in your space more conveniently and efficiently by using a smart, programmable thermostat, it learns the temperature you like and creates a schedule that automatically adjusts to energy-saving temperatures when you are away or asleep to help you reduce energy costs. 

We install and service the following thermostat brands:

  • Google Nest Wi-Fi smart thermostat. 
  • Ecobee. 
  • Honeywell.
  • Emerson.

and more...

HEPA Filters

If air cleaners just don’t seem to be doing a good enough job, then you should consider a HEPA filter! HEPA, or High-Efficiency Particulate Air, filters are designed to trap harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke. This makes them ideal for households with allergy sufferers.

Want more information, or looking to have all or some of these devices installed in your own home? Then get in touch with the team at Tamas Mechanical today!

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